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Lafayette Ragsdale   

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Ruggles Battery
'Ruggles Battery'

The Confederate soldiers at the battle of Shiloh named the area along the Sunken Road the "Hornets Nest" because of the heavy fire they had to face there. Parts of three Federal divisions were entrenched in this road which was protected by a heavy rail fence and dense undergrowth. General Daniel Ruggles was sent by General Bragg to command the Confederate center. There he witnessed 11 unsuccessful attacks and decided to concentrate artillery fire upon the position. He collected all the artillery he could find -62 pieces- and opened fire upon the Union line. With the aid of these cannon, the Confederates were able to form a circle around the Sunken Road, surrounding and capturing General Prentiss with over 2200 troops. The Federals lost 13,000 men and the Confederates 10,000.

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