Civil War Series - Limber Up!
Lafayette Ragsdale   

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Limber Up!

'Limber Up!'

The order to 'limber the guns' or "Limber Up!" meant to attach the 'limber' to the carriage (with Gun) in preparation to move. The 'limber' was the part up front that was attached to the horses. Each limber carried an ammunition chest, a grease bucket slung underneath, a couple of canvas water buckets and a tarpaulin strapped on top. The 'limber' for a six-pounder gun without the chest weighed 695 pounds. The weight of a loaded chest was just under 560 pounds. The weight of a 6 pounder gun and limber, complete with ammunition and implements was 3185 pounds. Field guns were grouped in batteries. Six guns were considered ideal, although four-gun batteries were common. Each six horse team had three drivers, who rode the horses on the left side.
The usual gun crew consisted of nine men.

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