Lafayette Ragsdale
Short Bio

Prints from Civil War Series by Lafayette Ragsdale

Born and raised in Memphis, I graduated from Memphis State University with degrees in Music Education. I enjoyed a twenty year career with the Memphis public school system as a band director, and music and art instructor.

For several years while teaching, I also painted as a hobby, but the desire to spend more time painting grew. In 1983 I decided to persue art full-time, painting and exhibiting as much as possible. "Watercolor fascinated me more than any other medium. Unexpected accidents give watercolor an excitement that other mediums cannot achieve. My own techniqe has been to combine various styles going from controlled realism to loose color and suggested images".

About three years ago I started painting in oils. This was a new beginning for me. Oils require a different approach, a new way of thinking, a new way to create. I have been excited with the new medium and the possibilities it presents.

I hope you will enjoy your visit with his art.