Civil War Series - Stonewall Jackson
Lafayette Ragsdale   

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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Mini Print

Thomas Jonathan Jackson, 1824-63 Confederate general in the U.S. CIVIL WAR. At the first battle of BULL RUN he earned his sobriquet when he and his brigade stood like a stone wall. He conducted the brilliant Shenandoah Valley campaign (May-June 1862) and joined Gen. R. E. LEE for the SEVEN DAYS BATTLES. Serving under Lee, Jackson flanked the Union army to set up the Confederate victory at the second battle of Bull Run (Aug. 1862) and fought in the ANTIETAM CAMPAIGN and at FREDERICKSBURG. At CHANCELLORSVILLE (May 1863) Jackson again flanked the Union Army en route to a smashing Confederate victory, but he was mortally wounded by fire from his own troops. He was Lee's ablest and most trusted lieutenant.


Signed, open edition mini print 10" x 8".